Cancer Support Network

"The value of being understood
without having to explain."

What is cancer support?

Cancer support provides helpful hints to answer the question: "Where do I go from here?" through information sharing and lending a ear. It's a navigational support system through this new journey. Visits are either one-on-one at home, telephone, or through monthly support group meetings.

Who does it benefit?

Yourself, caregivers, friends, volunteers.

How do you access the Cancer Support Network?

For more information, call 613-932-3451/1-800-267-1741 or e-mail Referrals are through friends, physicians and loved ones.

Why should I call?

  • To know you are not alone.

  • To talk to about your feelings and your related concerns.

  • To talk to someone who has been there.

  • We are here to listen and support you. You can talk for as long as you need.

  • There is no charge.

  • To know where to go for other help.

Do we give medical advice?

No, but we can assist in helping to make sense of complex situations and terminology. We can also offer support and assistance with decision-making.

How often can I call?

Call us as often as you'd like. That's why we're here! We can support you through every phase of your cancer journey.

What is a self-help group?

A self-help/mutual aid group is made up of individuals who share the same problem or need and provide each other with mutual support.

As a participant, you will:

  • Share support, information, friendship and strength

  • Decrease feelings of isolation and loneliness

  • Learn to enhance your ability to communicate your needs and feelings

  • Grow in self-confidence as you, in turn, help others

  • Develop a sense of hope from hearing how others are coping

  • Share practical hints on managing day-to-day concerns

Our volunteers:

  • Have heard "it is cancer" themselves

  • Attend an orientation

  • Complete an interview with a Program Coordinator

  • Meet Carefor Volunteer Screening requirements

  • Respect individual's privacy

  • Will visit in your home or by telephone


"I've been a part of the Prostate Cancer Support Network for 15 years and I've enjoyed contributing and bringing new information to the group. We learn through guest lectures and we have a great opportunity to talk with newer patients and give them suggestions what kind of questions to ask at the doctor," Ron G., a Carefor volunteer.

"I'm a cancer survivor myself and I've only missed 3 or 4 of these meetings in the past 11 years. We talk about treatments, medications, and what it can do to your body. And whenever we have newcomers, even if they have trouble talking about their own experience at first, they're always at ease by the end of the meeting to talk about their emotions. I think this a great program, it's very informative, and I have met some wonderful people here," said Cécile B., a Carefor volunteer.

For more information, call 613-932-3451/1-800-267-1741 or e-mail Referrals are through friends, physicians and loved ones.

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