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Carefor caregiver support session
Giving caregivers the best chance to succeed

Caregivers are making a huge contribution to society - they care for someone that needs their help, physically, emotionally, or cognitively. The rewards are a "thank you" or just knowing that you are there - helping someone who needs a little help.  The challenges can sometimes be overwhelming and your personal time may be very limtied.  Caregiver Support is for you.

Each caregiver and caregiver experience is unique, yet have common concerns. All need a safe place to share and gain support from time to time. At one time or another all caregivers need a break.

Carefor has organized support groups for caregivers – “Caregiver Café” - they are usually held once a month at one of the local Carefor Senior Support Centres, and anyone can attend.  These groups are open to all caregivers and are not specific to a client disease, age, etc.

Talk if you want, or just listen. Offer your wisdom or learn from others. 

Gain Knowledge - Learn about health conditions so that you are better equipped to handle situations. Learn about community resources that can support you at home. Learn about next steps.

Share and Support - Share in a confidential place. Share only if you want to. Share with others that are also in a caregiver role. Share your tips and tools.

Rest and Recharge - Relax - this is your time. Enjoy the refreshments. Make a new friend. Get comfortable. Laugh, or cry, or do nothing at all!

There is no cost for the service.

If you are interested and would like more information, you can contact your local Community Support Centre:

Alexandria: 613-525-4443

Lancaster: 613-347-1175

Ingleside: 613-537-8644

Winchester: 613-774-6109

Finch: 613-984-2436

Cornwall: 613-932-3451  

Or you can contact the Eastern Counties' main office at 613-932-3451, toll free at 1-877-267-1741 or e-mail

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