Caregiver Support (Information & Education) - Eastern Counties

Carefor caregiver support session
Giving caregivers the best chance to succeed

Carefor Caregiver Support provides education, information sessions and a place to relax and connect with other caregivers. 

Information and education can range from different topics on Seniors’ health, chronic conditions, health and wellness, planning ahead, current news about safety and other important issues. 

The service is provided in group or individual sessions for your convenience.

Carefor also works closely with other community agencies that might take part in these sessions. The Caregiver group information and education sessions are often scheduled to follow a “Diners Meal” which will be early afternoon. It is not necessary to attend the luncheon – you can come for the information session only.

Carefor has organized support groups for caregivers – “Caregiver Café” - they are usually held once a month at one of the local Carefor Senior Support Centres. Although they are held at a Seniors Support Centre anyone can attend a support group. These groups are open to all caregivers and are not specific to a client disease.

However, Carefor is connected to our community resources and will make referrals for specific groups such as the Parkinson’s Support Group, Cancer Support, and Alzheimer Support group and so on. 

Some caregivers like to attend more than one support group and are welcome to do so.


There is no cost for the service.

If you are interested and would like more information, you can contact your local Community Support Centre:

Alexandria: 613-525-4443

Lancaster: 613-347-1175

Ingleside: 613-537-8644

Winchester: 613-774-6109

Finch: 613-984-2436

Cornwall: 613-932-3451  

Or you can contact the Eastern Counties' main office at 613-932-3451, toll free at 1-877-267-1741 or e-mail

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