Intervention & Assistance - Eastern Counties

This service provides assistance and support for individuals with immediate problems or concerns in their life. The service assists clients and caregivers to work through situations by offering intervention, emotional support and or referrals to other resources.

  • Intervention & Support
  • Advocacy & Intervention
  • Accessing Services & Community Referrals

Situations may include:

  • Caregiver’s for an individual living with dementia being hospitalized and incapable of caring for loved ones
  • An individual in need of housing
  • An individual in need of multiple community resources but does not know how to access help


There is no cost for the service. 

If you are interested and would like more information, you can contact your local Carefor office:

Alexandria: 613-525-4443

Lancaster: 613-347-1175

Ingleside: 613-537-8644

Winchester: 613-774-6109

Finch: 613-984-2436

Cornwall: 613-932-3451

Or you can contact the Eastern Counties' main office at 613-932-3451, toll free at 1-877-267-1741or e-mail 

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