Transportation Service - Eastern Counties

Need to get to an appointment or event? Carefor can help.

Volunteer drivers will pick you up at your home and take you where you need to go, wait for you, then return you home. The service is mostly used for the essential travel of daily life, such as getting to medical appointments, dental visits, hearing clinics, therapy sessions as well as trips to the grocery store and pharmacy. Often you will be the only passenger in the vehicle with the driver however if we have more than one person going to the same area we try to coordinate the rides to create efficiencies.

One of Carefor's transportation vehicles
 Lending a helping wheel to those in need

As long as we have drivers available, will can also take you to other destinations such as the hair dresser/barber, lawyer's office, shopping, visits to friends and so forth.

Carefor also has a fleet of vans. A number of the vehicles are fully accessible meaning that they can accommodate a wheelchair.

All of the drivers do their best to provide you with the assistance you need. sometimes will send an attendant – this is a person that can give added help if the passenger is not as independent. Family members or friends can act in this capacity or we can supply (for a small fee) someone that will lend that extra help as needed. Please indicate this when you are booking the ride.


The cost of the trip is based on a kilometre rate or a minimum flat rate within town will be charged.

Booking your ride

Please call your local office (see listing below) or if you require an accessible vehicle please call the central booking office at 613-740-3397, toll free at 1-888- 440-7168 or email

Alexandria: 613-525-4443

Lancaster: 613-347-1175

Ingleside: 613-537-8644

Winchester: 613-774-6109

Finch: 613-984-2436

Cornwall: 613-932-3451  


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