Eastern Counties

North Stormont Seniors Support Centre, one of Carefor's Eastern Counties many service centresCarefor Health & Community Services offers an extensive basket of home health care and community support services tailored to your community needs. Our Eastern Counties Main Office is located in Cornwall with satellite offices in Hawkesbury, Alexandria, Lancaster, Winchester, Finch and Ingleside.

Carefor Eastern Counties' core programs and services include exceptional community support services, respite programs, palliative care, and end of life care at Hospice Cornwall. In addition to these programs and service, Carefor also offers a wide variety of community support services to residents of the Eastern Counties, including Befriending programs, Caregiver Support, Diners' Clubs, Elder Abuse Prevention programs, In-Home Exercise programs, Respite, Transportation programs, and many more.

Carefor Eastern Counties offers the following services to residents of the region:

Palliative Services

Our Community Support Services

Our Other Programs & Services

Health assessments and nursing care, occupational health programs, caregiver support training, education and information, health presentations, in-home or group exercise programs, DNA testing, hepatitis A & B vaccinations, alternative therapies (e.g. reflexology, therapeutic touch, etc), Diner's Club, social recreational activities, security checks/reassurance, intervention & assistance.

For more information, call 613-932-3451 / 1-800-267-1741 or e-mail info@carefor.ca.

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