Workplace Flu Immunization Clinics: Ottawa Region


The single best way to prevent seasonal flu is to get the flu vaccine each year. Carefor makes it easy and convenient for your employees to receive their annual flu shot in the comfort of your office. Our highly skilled and friendly nurses will come to your workplace to offer flu shots to your entire staff. We provide all the necessary supplies, forms and expertise to host a smoothly run, well-attended workplace flu shot clinic for your employees.

Scheduling your flu shot clinic is easy. Simply call our Flu Coordinator at 613-740-5793 or email Prevention is vital in keeping your employees healthy this flu season.

What are the benefits of having a workplace flu shot clinic?

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased employee absenteeism
  • Reduced replacement and overtime costs
  • Decreased interruptions of service or production
  • Limited re-scheduling of important events
  • Cut extended health costs
  • Decreased unwanted disruptions in the workplace

You can show employees how important they are by giving them an added benefit at the workplace.

Why should healthy adults get the flu shot?

  • Protect yourself from getting the flu
  • Reduce missed work time
  • Protect your elderly, young, or vulnerable family members and friends from getting the flu from you

Contact our Flu Coordinator at 613-740-5793, email, or fax 613-749-4002 to receive a free quote today!

Pricing for the 2017-2018 workplace flu clinics is as follows:

Confirmed # of participants                 Fee *
1-40                $550.00 flat rate
41-99                $12 per dose
100+                $11 per dose

 * The flu vaccine is free as part of the Province of Ontario's immunization program. Fee includes nurse's time, supplies, and forms.

Toolbox to plan a smoothly run, well-attended flu shot clinic for your employees

Workplace flu immunization sign up


Influenza Frequently Asked Questions


Appointment Booking Sheet


Email/Newsletter flu shot clinic announcements for employees


Poster to promote your Flu Shot Clinic


After the Flu Shot


 Flu Shot Consent Form and Fact Sheet


Fiche de renseignement sur le vaccin antigrippal


 Flu Shot Safety and Pregnancy


Innocuité du Vaccin Antigrippal et Grossesse


Public Health Flu Posters



You will need to have the following items ready for your clinic:

  • Private spot for the nurse and your employee,
  • Two tables/two chairs and garbage can
  • Waiting area for employees to stay after receiving the shot, and
  • Phone for emergencies

More information about influenza and the flu shot

Partner with Carefor Health & Community Services to fight the flu!
Reduce employee sick time and increase employee satisfaction by requesting a clinic at your site today. Call our Carefor Flu Coordinator at 613-740-5793 or email

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