Foot Care: Ottawa Region

Your feet are the hardest working part of your body, so don't take them for granted. Take care of them!

Regular foot check-ups can be very important in the early diagnosis of many illnesses. Proper foot care keeps your feet healthy, problem-free and helps ensure that you stay active and independent.

Take a step in the right direction towards better health.

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Feet are the hardest-working parts of your body
Your hard-working feet deserve
care from our hard-working nurses

Our specially trained foot care nurses provide personal foot care including:

  • Foot assessment - which will identify any potential or real concerns.
  • Cutting and filing of toe nails 
  • Treatment of ingrown nails, thickened nails 
  • Paddings as necessary to improve comfort and mobility.
  • Preventative foot care for high risk clients with diabetes, arthritis and circulation problems 
  • Referral to doctors, podiatrists, chiropodists or other health professionals as necessary 
  • Health teaching

Carefor Health & Community Services Foot Care Program helps people at every stage of life improve their mobility and wellness. Our specially trained nurses provide a full range of foot care services to increase our clients' comfort and independence.    

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