Rehabilitation: Ottawa Region

Rehabilitation services are comprised of Health Care Providers from the following professions:

Social Work
Occupational Therapy

Our Rehabilitation Professionals work closely with clients, caregivers, and all members of the health care team to develop a flexible and individualized plan of care. These dedicated professionals can assist you with many of your health care needs, right in the comfort of your own home. 

Through our Rehabilitation Team, Carefor is able to: 

  • Provide a range of assessments specific to client needs
  • Deliver the care ordered by your doctor
  • Furnish health education
  • Arrange convenient appointments for home visits
  • Monitor your health
  • Answer your questions and give advice 


Carefor dietitians offering advice
Balanced diets will help balance your life

Registered Dietitians are educated in the sciences related to foods and human nutrition. These health care professionals are uniquely trained to provide you with advice on foods, diet and nutrition.

Services provided by our Carefor Registered Dietitians may include:

  • nutritional assessment
  • specialized eating plans for medical conditions
  • counseling on foods and a variety of nutritional supplements designed to  meet your specific nutritional needs  
  • tube feeding management

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Get back on your feet with
Carefor's physiotherapists 


The role of these health care professionals is to aid clients to achieve their highest level of physical activity by utilizing functional movements. Clients are actively involved in their rehabilitation.

Services provided by our Carefor Registered Physiotherapists may include:

  • clinical assessment of movement, strength, endurance, and impact of an injury or disability on the clients physical functioning
  • program planning and education to restore movement and reduce pain.

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Social Work

These health care professionals are regulated under the Social Work and Social Service Work Act.

Services provided by Carefor's professional Social Workers may include:

Carefor social worker with client
We're available to talk to you!
  • assisting clients to develop, retain and enhance their psychosocial functioning
  • ensuring clients obtain the necessary resources by establishing contacts with community resources
  • providing clients with appropriate documentation (in regards to funding, housing, etc.) 
  • reducing clients' environmental difficulties by functioning as facilitators for clients dealing with physical, emotional, social and psychological issues

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Occupational Therapy

Carefor's occupational therapist with client
We'll help increase your
productivity and independence

Occupational Therapists are health care professionals who assist clients whose ability to function independently has been challenged. These health care professionals work collaboratively with their clients to establish specific goals to meet their particular needs.

Services provided by our Carefor Registered Occupational Therapists may include:

  • clinical assessment and treatment techniques
  • education in daily activity and community life skills
  • prescription to specialized equipment
  • home evaluation 

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