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Here is a handful of the hundreds of kind words we've received from our clients:

A few Carefor client Testimonials

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"we're very grateful for the excellent care we received through Carefor" Shiran R & Moira M, Carefor Clients 

"Your staff were all pleasant, knowledgeable and a joy to have them in our home. Thank you" Ken & Betty G, Carefor Clients

"[We] wish to thank Carefor." Family of Kenneth M. a Carefor client 

"We are truly grateful for the care and compassion provided by Carefor" Family of Carefor client

"With great appreciation for the care given to my husband Robert when he was ill and dying last year—and for follow-up concern for me."Margaret McL, wife of a Carefor client

"I wanted to give a commendation to your organization because I feel they are doing really good work."Mrs. B, a Carefor client

"On behalf of my family, I would like to thank the Carefor Team for the special care that you offered my husband during his illness. We are very grateful for all your support over the past six months." Mariana G., wife of a Carefor client

"During the visits while I was undergoing cancer treatments, Carefor staff demonstrated kindness, compassion and professionalism. Just the reduction in visits to the hospital helped make my whole ordeal a little bit more palatable." A Carefor client

"I had great service from the office staff at Carefor. My District Coordinator always goes out of her way to try to help the client in any way she can. I’m not sure how she does what she does with such professionalism and caring." Karen B., a Carefor client

"Since my cancer diagnosis in March, I have learned to live everyday for what it is and to appreciate what we often take for granted. On this Thanksgiving weekend I would like to thank so many people for all that they have done for me. I have come to realize how important it is to appreciate the small things in life and the significance of the smallest and simplest gestures. So many people have helped me on this journey. The doctors, nurses, technicians and receptionists that have assisted me with so many appointments and tests should be commended for being so helpful. The Carefor nurses as well as the case workers that assisted me with my care at home have made this experience more manageable. There are too many to mention individual names. So many negatives are expressed about our health care system, but I have been lucky to have received good care. I am lucky to be surrounded by such caring individuals. Thank You." Mr. L, Carefor client

"Many thanks to all of you for your care for my husband during the past few years. You always treated us so nicely, and so professionally. We always felt, though, like we were being cared for by friends. So many people to thank... the office workers who solved our problems on the phone, the nurses who become friends and brightened our days as they treated him, the supply delivery men - always polite & kind, everyone offered good advice given so nicely... A giant THANK YOU! It may be "your job," but the caring shines through." Mrs. R, wife of Carefor client

"My family wish to express their gratefulness for the care, compassion, and friendship shown to my mother Hazel. You all touched her life in a very special way and for that we are deeply grateful." Patti, Gerry, George, Heather, Abbie & Rock, family of Carefor client

"I am truly grateful to all the caring individuals who provided such wonderful health services to people in this area. My mother was a recipient of such care between 2004 and 2006 before she died. Carefor will always have a special place in my heart." Ester L, daughter of Carefor client

"The assistance we received while Jim was ill was truly amazing. I had no idea such services were available, from arranging home care right up to visits from that very special lady, Katherine. Thank you for all you did." Maureen G, wife of Carefor client

"I applaud you for all your good work and wish you every success with this and future fundraisings." Louise S, Carefor client

"Thank you for the work that you do. I know it means a lot to those who receive it even if they don't always say so." Susanne L, family member of Carefor client

"A giant THANK YOU! It may be 'your job,' but the caring shines through." Mrs. R., wife of a Carefor Client

Adult Day Program

"My brother, who attended Carefor Day Away twice a week wanted to join the bilingual group, and really enjoyed it. Vincent suffered from Alzheimer's for over 10 years, during which time I was his full time caregiver. The Day Program was a welcome break for me too. Thank you for making his life bearable at the time." Wilma A, caregiver and Carefor donor

"The renovations of the Carling Adult Day Program created a real HOME enjoyed by clients and workers including us volunteers. We raise our hats to a FANTASTIC team who provide the BEST of the BEST to clients." Roger & Pierrette C, Carefor Volunteers

"We thank all those involved in the Day Program for their patience and kindness to Ellery while he attended. He enjoyed his days there very much." Lori McM, wife of a Carefor client

"Thanks to the Carefor Befriending Program, I am now able to participate in physical activities such as swimming and bowling, and to attend social outings such as Karaoke Wing night, concerts and plays." Kelly K, Carefor client

"I am really impressed with the Carefor Befriending Program. They are sensitive to all needs and work as a team to make things happen and bring about a change so that our community is more handicap friendly. I can always count on them for good advice, a helping hand or comforting in my time of need." Chris C, Carefor client

"Belonging somewhere is great. With this group, everyone is somebody & you can be yourself, feel wanted and needed." Ms. B, Carefor client


Thank you so Much for your help with my catheter and health tips. Excellent service!" A Carefor Client

"My sincere thanks and appreciation to the nurses who provided excellent support and to your agency for organizing everything." Irene G, a Carefor Client

"A special thanks to all the nurses from Carefor Health & Community  Services for the excellent care and compassion." Family of Irene Wilson a Carefor Client

"For a very special nurse. You are truly blessed with the gift of giving... Devoting a life to helping others, and doing so in such a genuine and caring way is appreciated by all." Linda C, a Carefor Client 

"Nurse Dimillo was great, friendly, polite and very informative. Please giver her our biggest thanks. Thank you" Family of Carefor client

"I just want to let you to know that Marney is a wonderful nurse. Her calming and soothing manner during the treatment helped me through a very difficult time". Catherine H, a Carefor client

"I just called to tell you what a great staff you have. Everyone was exceptional. Everyone was professional and friendly." Jean K, a Carefor Client

"I wanted to give a commendation to your organization because I feel they are doing really good work." Shirley B, a Carefor Client

"To all the GREAT nurses: We want to make sure you all know how much your service has meant to us. We are both in our late seventies and taking a taxi back and forth to hospital. The care that you brought to our home has been invaluable. Each and every one who came to attend my foot came with a warm smile and loving touch. You made us feel more secure, because as we are sure you know, when someone needs medical help we often are frightened not knowing what the future will hold. We will remember you always." Carefor client

"My wife and I wish to thank all the nurses who visited my home to help us over the last 10 weeks. Every one brought expertise and kindness. Everyone was professional. Everyone is worthy to be called a true, dedicated nurse. Every time they leave the house much happier and the patient a little better." Garfield O., husband of a Carefor client

"Thank you. It has been 6 long weeks, but the Carefor nurses have made it a pleasure. You really do CAREFOR!" Michael G., a Carefor client

"The nursing staff at Carefor became my favorite people since my surgery. You made me feel as comfortable as possible and encouraged me to look to the future when I was feeling a little down". Margaret D., a Carefor client

"As nurse Diane D. left our home for the last time, she took along with her in her bag and in her heart our profound gratitude and the greatest thank you for all the highly skilled personnel who came to care for my husband during this past year. And as she walked away we were left with a deep sense of loss. You cannot have such marvellous people attend to your health needs during a prolonged period and not develop a friendship that fortified us in this dire time. We were blessed with the service of dedicated women who loved their profession and it showed, who delivered their service with a smile and good humour (a great help in times of stress,) and who really cared for their patient..." Mrs. M, wife of Carefor Client

"The Carefor team has been nothing short of "incredible." As a family we have been blessed by the efforts of Liette L, the nurse case manager looking after mom. She has been nothing short of amazing. Her knowledge, her compassion, her professionalism in dealing with mom and family goes above and beyond the call of duty. Under her guidance, the team she brought in were equally as committed to delivering exceptional levels of care. Liette still plays a role now that mom has transition into a care facility and that extended role is a huge comfort for myself and my siblings as we are for the most part our of town." Mr. M, son of Carefor client

"Carefor Nursing Staff; Wonderful women who looked not only after my husband Mac, but were wonderful to our family. Our friends wanted to donate this to you in honour of Mac. Thank you." Maureen M, wife of Carefor client

Personal Support Services

"Many thanks to Adele and Lena for their excellent care over many years." Family of Carefor client

"Thanks so much for caring kindly for our mum over the year in her retirement home. We really appreciate how good you were to her!" Sue R and Jan S, daughters of a Carefor client

"Thanks to all Carefor Personal Support Workers who are hard working and pleasant. I am happy with their consistency; they take a great load off me." Mr. C., husband of a Carefor client

"Your consistency and dedication shows in everything you have done. No "thanks" is really enough for the ways that you supported my Dad and how you have shown us how to relate and understand him and his needs. Without your help we would have felt very alone and isolated in our efforts to keep him safe and in his home for as long as we were able to. Your care and recommendations saved Dad's life on more than one occasion. May you enjoy a lifetime of love and laughter, knowing you have changed all our lives." Family of Carefor client

"My girl Lee who does my showering is extremely competent and thorough. She is also so polite and really sweet. I would recommend her for anyone. Please put on her file for reference and tell people who need to know how much she is liked." Patrice Z, Carefor client

"On behalf of my Mother, I wish to express my heartfelt thank you to Elizabeth who was my Mother's Personal Support Worker for quite some time. My Mother passed away on January 26th, but she often expressed to me how she looked forward to Elizabeth's visits and that Elizabeth exceeded what was expected of her. Elizabeth played a huge role in my Mother's wellbeing and her independence, and for that I am very grateful. Please convey my gratitude to Elizabeth." Shirley T, daughter of Carefor client

"Thank you so much for the "excellent" care you provided to my son. His workers were the "BEST." They not only provided the "excellent" care but added friendship & laughter to his day." Doug, Brenda & Dick, family of Carefor client

"So many people to thank... the office workers those who solved our problems on the phone, the nurses who become friends and brightened our days, the supply delivery men, everyone offered good advice given so nicely." Mrs. R, wife of a Carefor Client

Palliative Care

"[We] would like to express appreciation to the palliative care team at Carefor." Family of Robert T. a Carefor Client, May 30, 2015 

"I want to thank you again. I think of you often and I want you to know how much your care helped my husband and I through those very difficult times. I know I would not have been able to have him home with me, if it was not your caring help. God Bless." Shirley H, caregiver and wife of a Carefor client, and a Carefor donor

"Thank you so much for your love, support and care of mom. Your loving gentle nature with mom during her illness was so much appreciated by us." Family of Mrs. A, Carefor palliative client

"Thank you for the wonderful care that was given to my husband in his last days at home. Your staff made it all so easy for our family. You have a great team at Carefor and I will always be grateful for their help. Keep up the great work you all do for patients who want to be home with their loved ones." Mrs. O, wife of Carefor client

"Just a note to thank you and all your staff for the wonderful care that was given to Dad during his last days at home. The nurses made it all so easy for our family. You have a great team at Carefor and I will always be grateful for their help. It was very much appreciated. Keep up the great work you all do for patients who want to be at home with their loved ones." Rose O and family of Carefor client

"Thank you for your care and support for my mother in her last years." Ms. C, daughter of Carefor client

"On behalf of the family, I wish to thank you and your fine team of nurses, support and supply personnel and Carefor management. Unaware of the services that you provided, we were amazed at the extent, quality and promptness of the services on behalf of Yolande and her family. She had wished to die at home and this was made possible by your generous and compassionate services. Please accept our most grateful thanks and congratulations for your services at a difficult time." Mrs. B, family member of Carefor client

Memoriam Gift / Donation

"This donation is in thanks and appreciation for the care given to my late husband Mel for almost 7 years, from 2000 - 2006. We were pleased that Mary continued with foot care after CCAC changed from Carefor to another provider (due to a hospital stay). I am happy to still be a foot care client. Thank you." Dianne L. W, wife of Carefor client

"In memory of help they provided during the terminal illness of my late wife 15 years ago." Daniel S, husband of Carefor client

"Please accept this tribute to remember these wonderful nurses who happened to help my wife during her illness. I will always remember it." Mr. B, husband of Carefor client

"Please accept this charitable donation in memory of my husband, Robert, who passed away March 18, 2010. The excellent care and professional attention provided by your staff was much appreciated. Special thanks to personal service worker, Claire, for her kind and thoughtful care. My husband always looked forward to her visits. Thank you." Mrs. E, wife of Carefor client

"In appreciation for the wonderful care given to my husband during his illnes with special thanks to Ruth Smith RN without her help we could never have kept him home the last few weeks of his life." Mrs. D, wife of Carefor client

Richmond Care Home

"Thank everyone for inviting me into your 'home' and introducing me to one of the most loving and committed dementia facilities in the Ottawa-Valley. A real sense of family prevails at Richmond Care Home, an asset you should all be very proud to be a part of." Elaine Connah, Extendicare Starwood Nursing Home

"Thank you so much for the quality of care she received while staying there. I have never seen such a loving and dedicated group of people." Ms. L, daughter of Carefor client

"With Richmond Care Home, we found a place where we can look after our mom. She is happy here." Ms. P, daughter of Richmond Care Home resident


"I just want to take the time out to thank you for your amazing job during this terrible ordeal, especially organizing the rides. I think you're absolutely fabulous. I also want to take the time to wish some pretty amazing people a special thank you, people like Bruce, Norm, Ian, Mike. Oh they were pretty amazing getting me around to my clients. I just want to take the time out to thank them. And what I did was usually keep track of the drivers that picked me up so I became very familiar with them and I find they were really, really, really nice throughout this whole bus strike so I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you from the sincere bottom of my heart, and now that the buses are back ... thank you, Nancy for all you work and that's all I want to say and I want to say thank you to all the other staff over at Carefor. Thank you." Deloris A, Carefor Transportation client

Out-of-Town Visitors

"Arrangements were made by my Sudbury CCAC case worker to receive wound care at your facility from April 3rd to the 8th. The facility staff provided professional and empathetic care to me. Thank you very much for everything."Linda C, Carefor client

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased my 92 year old Mom and I were with your services to a recent trip to my sister’s in Ottawa. We had arranged for two visits to my mother. The first nurse, Linda, was wonderful—Mom was a bit nervous to have a nurse she didn’t know and Linda was kind, reassuring and fun!! Michelle came the second time and was friendly as well—but most professional they both were. Please let them know how they made my mother’s trip so much more pleasant! We will be back in September for my nephew’s wedding and definitely will call you for the care we need. Thanks."Ginny H, daughter of a Carefor client

What our Partners have to say:

The Ottawa Fat Cats Baseball Club

"We are proud of what you do for the community." Davyd Balloch, Director of Sales, Ottawa Fat Cats Baseball Club

National Association of Federal Retirees

"Thank you Donna for the picture as well as for the service your organization is rendering to us by adjudicating the award. We appreciate the excellent work Carefor does in the community." Camille G, Managing Director for the National Association of Federal Retirees


"On behalf of all of us at the Champlain CCAC, I would like to thank Carefor Health & Community Services for the tremendous efforts made throughout the recent transit strike to ensure clients received the care they needed. The commitment of your management and staff to limit the impact on clients during this inconvenient time is commendable. You went above and beyond, and because of this, the entire local health system benefitted. Thank you for your dedication to providing top quality care, no matter what the circumstances. The Champlain CCAC is proud to have Carefor Health & Community Services as a partner in care." Penny S, Senior Director of Performance Management and Accountability

Landscaper at Richmond Care Home

"You are blessed with a wonderful crew at Richmond Care Home. I am always so impressed with their dedication and commitment to RCH." John D, landscaper at the Richmond Care Home

GAL Power Systems

"On behalf of GAL, we would like to thank you for your kind words and for including the bbq on your website. Everyone is very proud of the article and of the gratitude you have expressed towards our staff and lunch. We hope that this can be an annual event, so we're looking forward to seeing you again next summer if you are on board!" Andrea L, GAL Power Systems Event Coordinator

Edmond Harnden LLP

"At Edmond Harnden, we are dedicated to improving the quality of our clients' workplaces. We take the time to learn about our clients, understand their objectives, and maintain a clear focus on their long term interests. We have enjoyed our longstanding strategic partnership with Carefor and are proud of our recognized track record as the trusted advisor to some of Canada's largest private, public and not-for-profit health care organizations."

What our Employees have to say:

"I have to say that I was very happy during my five years at the Richmond Care Home and during that time I met some wonderful people both residents and fellow staff. I will certainly miss them all now that I am retired." Marie W, Carefor retiree

"Thank you for your lovely gift. God bless you all and keep you all safe. You all are hard working and beautiful nice people, who we all are proud of. Take care because we all care." Ann M, Carefor employee

"The name Carefor is certainly appropriate. We are the staff that cares. We care for our clients but we also care for each other." Michele F, Carefor Executive Assistant

"I am grateful to the executive team for supplying free PSW (personal support worker) education. I believe this education helps towards providing quality care to the clients and would like to see this education continue. Please have the enclosed donation go towards education for PSW's. I am a PSW and am proud to be part of the Carefor team." Elaine S, Carefor Personal Support Worker

"I am so pleased that all of the staff at Carefor Health and Community Services have welcomed me into their work family and have made my time with them that much more enjoyable - these people truly love their work and it shows in how they do it!" Shelley M, Carefor contractor

"Carefor = flexibility and the chance to embrace constant change." Barb C, Carefor employee

"From the records, filing, reception, billing, HR, payroll, IT and support staff to the coordinators for all the teams and the clinic are terrific! Working at clinical intake and then as a nursing supervisor has shown me all that goes into the preparation and planning for our clients and each of you make a difference in the quality of care provided by our agency... Keep up the great work!" Kathy C, Carefor employee

"I have come across many ‘heroes' here at the day program in our caregivers, clients, volunteers and staff." Sherlyn P, Carefor employee

"I am a RPN who has worked in different nursing settings, community, hospital and long term care facility. Recently, August 2009, I became an employee of Carefor. With this new professional environment, both as the Cancer Support Network Coordinator and a Hospice registered staff, my sense of value and appreciation has been felt not only from my patients but most importantly from my peers and supervisors. My input is always accepted and never do I feel subordinate. The support is never lacking." Christine G, Carefor employee

"We are fortunate to be members of a Board for an organization of this calibre." Carol Burrows, Past Carefor Board Chair

Irene Wilson a Carefor Client

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