Meet our Board of Directors

Make a difference and help us help others by becoming a Carefor Board member. Board members participate actively in a wide variety of activities in support of the Carefor mandate, with skills focusing on governance, financial planning, policy development and community involvement.

To contact the Chair of the Board, use the personal and confidential email at

For additional information please contact at or 613 749-7557 x2136.

Board of Directors

Jean Courville (Eastern Counties) Monika MacLaren (Ottawa)
Walter Davidson (Ottawa) Patricia MacNeil (Ottawa)
Janet Dunbrack (Ottawa) Catherine MacArthur (Eastern Counties)
Joan Fernandez (Ottawa) Ruth Pollock (Eastern Counties)
Ron Gerold (Ottawa) Stewart Ray (Pembroke-Renfrew County)
Sheldon Gunn (Ottawa) Peter Smith (Pembroke-Renfrew County)
Maury Hill (Ottawa) Norma Strachan (Ottawa)
Gar Knustson (Ottawa) Ian Welton (Pembroke-Renfrew County)
John Kroon (Eastern Counties) Shirley White (Pembroke-Renfrew County)
Ms. Glenna MacKenzie (Pembroke-Renfrew County) Steve Perry (CEO)


Chair Ms. Glenna MacKenzie
Vice-Chair Ms. Norma Strachan
Treasurer Mr. Sheldon Gunn
Secretary Ms. Ruth Pollock
Chair, Eastern Counties Program Board Ms. Ruth Pollock
Chair, Pembroke-Renfrew County Program Board Mr. Ian Welton
Chair, Ottawa Program Board Ms. Norma Strachan                                         
Carefor, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Steve Perry

Chairpersons of Standing Committees

Executive Ms. Glenna MacKenzie
Finance, HR, & Risk Management Mr. Sheldon Gunn                            
Fundraising & Allocations Ms. Ron Gerold 
Governance Mr. John Kroon
Quality Assurance & Service Risks Ms. Joan Fernandez
Pension and Benefits Sub-committee Mr. Sheldon Gunn

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